केन्द्रीय पुस्तकालय, राष्ट्रीय प्रोद्योगिकी संस्थान, हमीरपुर / Central Library @ NIT, Hamirpur

Library Advisory Committee

The Library is advised by a Library Advisory Committee for its overall growth in the best interest of the users and its smooth functioning. Library advisory committee comprises representatives from all the academic departments as well as Library In-Charge. The current composition of the library advisory committee is as follows:

S. No. Name Role Representation Email Contact No.
1. Dr. Bharat Bhushan Sharma Chairman Coordinator (Library) bhushan@nith.ac.in 254541
2. Ms. Minakshi Jain Member OIC (DL), Architecture minakshi@nith.ac.in 254910
3. Dr. Umesh Kumar Pandey Member OIC (DL), Civil Engineering ukp@nith.ac.in 254342
4. Dr. V. Subbaramaiah Member OIC (DL), Chemical Engineering suklam03859@gmail.com
5. Dr. Raj Kaushal Member OIC (DL), Chemistry rajkaushal@nith.ac.in 254101
6. Dr. Naveen Chauhan Member OIC (DL), Computer Science and Engineering naveen@nith.ac.in 254432
7. Er. Himesh Handa Member OIC (DL), Electrical Engineering himeshhanda@nith.ac.in 254546
8. Dr. Philemon Daniel Member OIC (DL), Electronics and Communication Engineering phildani7@gmail.com 254642
9. Dr. Nisha Kumari Member OIC (DL), Humanities and Social Sciences nishurgh@gmail.com
10. Dr. Suket Kumar Member OIC (DL), Mathematics suket@nith.ac.in 254102
11. Dr. Siddhartha Member OIC (DL), Mechanical Engineering sidmech@nith.ac.in 254744
12. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma Member OIC (DL), Physics rajeshsharma@nith.ac.in 254146
13. Dr. N. S. Thakur Member OIC (DL), Centre for Energy and Environment nsthakur@nith.ac.in 254728
14. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Member OIC (DL), Centre for Material Science and Engineering
15. Mr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma Member OIC (DL), Computer Center ash@nith.ac.in 254440
16. Mr. Nitin Paliwal Member Secretary Assistant Librarian, Central Library library@nith.ac.in 254170
Central Library @ NIT, Hamirpur