केन्द्रीय पुस्तकालय, राष्ट्रीय प्रोद्योगिकी संस्थान, हमीरपुर / Central Library @ NIT, Hamirpur

कोहा @ रा.प्रौ.सं.ह. / KOHA@NITH

Central Library has initiated the process of indexing of Open Access E-Books and all the resources available at the Departmental Libraries using KOHA Open Source Software so that these resources may be searched online similar to the resources of the Central Library.

The List of the publishers and Departmental Libraries whose resources are under process or completed the indexing is given below:

  1. Springer e-Books
  2. The indexing of Thesis & Dissertation available at following Departmental Libraries is completed:
    1. Departmental Library of Architecture.
    2. Departmental Library of Civil Engineering.
    3. Departmental Library of Computer Science Engineering.
    4. Departmental Library of Electrical Engineering.
    5. Departmental Library of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
    6. Departmental Library of Management Studies.

    Resources for Library Staff to make entries in KOHA

Entries to be made by in KOHA

  1. Entry of Resources (for Library Staff only)
  2. Mark-21 Tags for Books
  3. Following Lib. Code to be prefixed with each Acc. No. of each Departmental Library along with a dash (e.g. AR-DR-1) .
    Library CodeLibrary NameClass No
    ASHApplied Sciences and Humanities
    CLIBCentral Library
    ENEnergy and Environment620.08
    HUHumanities and Social Science300
    MGManagement Studies658
    MHManagement and Humanities
    MSMaterial Sc.620
Central Library @ NIT, Hamirpur