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S. No. Title / Author Publisher Copies
1.100 thoughts that lead to happiness / Chetkin, LenJaico Publishing House1
2.1001 motivational quotes for success : great quotes from great minds / Minds, GreatJaico Publishing House1
3.101 inspiring stories: principles for successful living / Xavier, G.FrancisJaico Publishing House1
4.101 strategies for staying sane in a crazy world / Lazarus, Arnold AJaico Publishing House1
5.12 steps to overcome anxiety : how to master your panic / Beckfield, Denise FJaico Publishing House1
6.250 more mind bending puzzles / Cameron, JoeJaico Publishing House1
7.300 brain twisting puzzles / Russell, KenJaico Publishing House1
8.365 steps to self-confidence : a complete programme for personal transformation - in just a few minutes a day / Preston, David LawrenceJaico Publishing House1
9.5 Indian masters : Short story masterpieces / Rao,RajaJaico Publishing House1
10.50 magnificent indians of the 20th century / Lal, SJaico Publishing House1
11.50 not out / Memon, AyazJaico Publishing House1
12.50 simple steps to save the earth from global warming / The Green Patriot Working GroupJaico Publishing House1
13.51 greatest modern heroes / Otto, LucasJaico Publishing House1
14.8085 microprocessor architecture, programming and interfacing / Kumar, K. UdayaPearson5
15.8085 microprocessor programming and interfacing / Srinath, N.K.Prentice-Hall2
16.A brief history of time : from the big bang to black holes / Hawking, StephenBantam Books1
17.A textbook of automobile engineering / Siddiqui, Khalil U.New Age International Publishers10
18.A textbook of geotechnical engineerring / Khan, Iqbal H.PHI4
19.A textbook of reliability and maintainance engineering / Manna, AlakeshIK international Publishing House Pvt Ltd2
20.A textbook of strength of materials / Ghosh, D.New Age International (P) Limited, Publishers10
21.A winning attitude : to change your life- change your attitude / Hamilton-McGinty, RosieJaico Publishing House1
22.Adaptive filter theory / Haykin,SimonPearson4
23.Adaptive stochastic optimization techniques with applications / Momoh, James A.CRC Press1
24.Advanced electrical and electronics materials : processes and applications / Gupta , K.M.Wiley India5
25.Advanced linear algebra for engineers with MATLAB / Dianat, Sohail A.CRC Press2
26.Advanced mechanics of composite materials and structural elements / Vasiliev,Valery VElsevier1
27.Advanced power system analysis and dynamics / Singh, L.P.New Age International Publishers3
28.Advanced soil dynamics and earthquake engineering / Prasad, Bharat BhushanPHI Learning Private Limited2
29.Advances in hydrological process:Hydrological applications og GIS / Gurnell, A. M.Wiley1
30.Aeration:principles and practice / Mueller, James ACRC Press1
31.Albert Einstein:a biography / Calaprice,AliceJaico Publishing House1
32.Amazing homes in India / Benninger, Christopher CharlesSkyboard Media Pvt. Ltd.2
33.An introduction to operations research / Havinal, VeerabhadrappaNew Age Internatinal Publishers2
34.Analog and digital communications / Kundu, SudakshinaPearson2
35.Analysis and design of control systems using MATLAB / Dukkipati, Rao VNew Age International5
36.Analysis and design of foundations, retaining structures subjected to seismic loads / Saran, SwamiI.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.2
37.Analysis and design practice of hydraulic concrete structures / Ghosh, Karuna MoyPHI Learning Private Limited5
38.Analysis and design practice of steel structures / Ghosh, Karuna MoyPHI Learning Private Limited5
39.Analysis of composite structures / Decolon, ChristianHPS1
40.Analysis of electric machinery and drive systems / Krause, Paul C.John Wiley4
41.Applied econometric time series / Enders, WalterWiley India5
42.Applied electromagnetic theory / Nair, B. SomanathanPHI2
43.Applied finite element analysis / Ramamurty, GIK international Publishing house Pvt Ltd5
44.Architecture and programming of 8051 microcontroller / Kalra , AlkaUniversity Science Press1
45.Autobiography of an unknown indian / Chaudhuri, Nirad CJaico Publishing House1
46.Automatic control systems / Kuo, Benjamin C.PHI2
47.Basic electrical and electronics engineering / Bhattacharya, S.KPeearson4
48.Basic electrical and electronics engineering / Jegathesan, V.Wiley India5
49.Basic electrical and electronics engineering / Sukhija,M.SOxford Uni. press2
50.Basic electrical engineering / Gaikwad, Sunil TDreamtech Press1
51.Basic electrical engineering / Garg, Vijay KumarWiley India6
52.Basic electrical engineering / Singh, S.N.PHI2
53.Basic electrical engineering / Tiwari, J.P.New Age International2
54.Basic electrical engineering (as per syllabus of Rajiv Gandhi proudyogiki vishwavidlaya, Bhopal) / Rajput, R.K.Laxmi Publications (P) LTD2
55.Basic electronics and instrumentaion / Khalid, SaifullahUniversity Science Press2
56.Basic elements of crystallography / Szwacki,Nevill GonzalezPAN Stanford Publishing Pvt.Ltd.1
57.Basic structural analysis / Muthu, K.U.I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.5
58.Become the person you want to be / Chandler, SteveJaico Publishing House1
59.BIM and construction management: proven tools, methods and workflows / Hardin, BradWiley2
60.Biochemistry : : the molecular basis of life / Mckee, TrudyOxford University Press1
61.Biomedical signal analysis : contemporary methods and applications / Theis, Fabian J.PHI2
62.Brain teasers / Narula,RaviJaico Publishing House1
63.Bridge deck analysis / OBrien, EugeneCRC Press1
64.Bridge engineering handbook:super structure design / Chen, Wai-FahCRC Press Taylor & Francis Group1
65.Building information modeling: appilcations and practices / R A, RajaASCE1
66.Building materials / Duggal, S.K.New Age International Publishers5
67.Building materials / Varghese, P.C.PHI10
68.Building security rating system / Ettouney, Mohammed M.ASCE1
69.Business environment / Ghosh, B.N.Oxford University Press12
70.Business research methods / Mishra, PrahladOxford University Press5
71.Business to business marketing / Brennan, RossSage5
72.CAD/CAM/CIM / Radhakrishnan,P.New Age International Publishers5
73.Campus to corporate : your roadmap to employability / Joshi, GangadharSage3
74.Centrifuge modelling for civil engineers / Madabhushi, GopalCRC Press1
75.Chess: a beginner`s guide / Morrison, StanleyJaico Publishing House1
76.Circuit analysis for power engineering handbook / Shenkman, A.Springer1
77.Civil engineering: objective type questions / Bhavikatti, S. S.IK international Publishing House pvt ltd5
78.Close encounters / Kamath, M.VJaico Publishing House1
79.CNC machines / Adithan,M.New Age International Publishers4
80.Communication engineering / Bandyopadhyay, M.NPHI Learning Pvt.Ltd.2
81.Communication networking : an analytical approach / Kumar, AnuragElsevier4
82.Compostable polymer materials / Rudnik, EwaElsevier1
83.Computational fluid-structure interaction;methods and applications / Bazilevs,YuriJohn Wiley1
84.Computational solid mechanics: variational formulation and high order approximation / Bittencourt, Marco L.CRC Press1
85.Computer aided design:a basic and mathematical approach / Srivastava, Sunil KumarIK International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd5
86.Computer aided electronic engineering / Yogesh, M.PHI4
87.Computer analysis of framed structures / Maity, DamodarI.k.International Publishing house pvt ltd2
88.Computer modelling of electrical power systems / Arrillaga, J.Wiley India5
89.Concepts and Applications of Finite Element Analysis / Cook,RobertWiley2
90.Concrete fracture : a multiscale approach / Mier, Jan G. M. VanCRC Press1
91.Concrete Petrography / Poole, Alan B.CRC Press1
92.Concrete Technology / Bhavikatti,S.SI.K. international Publishing5
93.Concrete technology / Santhakumar, A.R.Oxford University Press5
94.Confidence: think big, believe big, achieve big / Norman Vincent PealeJaico Publishing House1
95.Construction project scheduling and control / Mubarak,salehWiley India Pvt.Ltd.3
96.Construction technology 2: Industrial and commercial building / Riley,MikePalgrave Macmillan1
97.Continuum mechanics:elasticity, plasticity,viscoelasticity / Dill,Ellis H.CRC Press1
98.Control of machines / Bhattacharya, S KNew Age International1
99.Control system analysis and design / Tripathi, A KNew Age International2
100.Control system engineering / Nagrath, I. J.New Age International (P) Limited,Publishers8
101.Control systems / Kumar, Anand APHI Learning Private Limited2
102.Control Systems Engineering / Nise, Norman S.Wiley5
103.Control systems: theory and applications / Ghosh, SmarajitPearson5
104.Core concepts of geotechnical engineering / Shukla,Sanjay KumarICE Publishing1
105.Corporate Finance : financial management in a global environment / Booth, LaurenceWiley India5
106.Corporate Finance : International student edition / Parrino, RobertWiley India5
107.Corporate governance / Mallin, Christine A.Oxford University Press5
108.Daily inspiration: from the monk who sold his ferrari / Sharma, RobinJaico Publishing House1
109.Design and drawing of steel structures / Bhavikatti,S.SI.K. International5
110.Design and implementation of compiler / Singh, RavendraNew Age International2
111.Design of bridge structures / Jagadeesh,T.R.PHI Learning Private Limited5
112.Design of feedback control systems / Stefani,Raymond TOxford Uni.Press5
113.Design of machine elements-I / Annaiah, M.H.New Age International Publishers5
114.Design of machine elements-II / Annaiah, M.H.New Age International Publishers15
115.Design of reinforced concrete shells and folded plates / Varghese, P. C.PHI Learning Private Limited5
116.Design of reinforced concrete structures / Subramanian,NOxford Uni. Press5
117.Design of steel structures;by limit state method as per IS:800-2007 / Bhavikatti,S.sI.K. International5
118.Design of steel structures;limit states method / Subramanian,NOxford Uni.Press10
119.Designing rainwater harvesting systems;integrating rainwater into building systems / Novak,Celeste AllenWiley1
120.Designing with FPGAs and CPLDs / Zeidman, BobElsevier1
121.Digital control engineering / Gopal, M.New Age International5
122.Digital control systems / Kuo,Benjamin C.Oxford University Press5
123.Digital Image Processing / Gonzalez, Rafael C.Pearson3
124.Digital Image Processing: An Algorthmic Approach / Joshi, Madhuri A.PHI2
125.Digital power system protection / Bhinde, S. R.PHI Learning Private Limited2
126.Digital processing of speech signals / Rabiner, Lawrence R.Pearson2
127.Digital signal processing / Kumar, A AnandPHI2
128.digital signal processing / Kumar, BNew Age International2
129.Digital signal processing / Oppenheim, Alan V.Pearson3
130.Digital signal processing:principles, algorithms and applications / Proakis, John G.Pearson10
131.Digital signal processing;spectral computation and filter design / Chen,Chi-tsongOxford Uni.Press3
132.Disaster Management / Pandey,MrinaliniWiley3
133.Discover your destiny: with the monk who sold his ferrari / Sharma, RobinJaico Publishing House1
134.Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics : and sex and drugs and rock n roll / Field, AndySage5
135.Discrete-Time Control Systems / Ogata, KatsuhikoPearson2
136.Discrete-time signal processing / Oppenheim, Alan V.Pearson3
137.Discrete-time speech signal processing:principles and practice / Quatieri, Thomas F.Pearson2
138.Dynamics of structures / Paultre,PatrickWiley2
139.Eaerhquake resistant design of structures / Duggal, S.K.Oxford University Press5
140.Earthquake -Resistant design of building structures / Hosur,VinodWiley1
141.Effective leadership / Tracy, BrianJaico Publishing House1
142.Elasticity theory applications and numerics / Sadd, Martin H.Elsevier(India)2
143.Electric circuit analysis / Kumar, K.S. SureshPearson5
144.Electric drives / Boldea, IonTaylor & Francis5
145.Electric drives / De, N.K.Prentice-Hall2
146.Electric machinery and transformers / Kosow, Irving L.Pearson2
147.Electric machines and electric drives : problems with solutions / De, Nisit K.PHI Learning Private Limited3
148.Electric motor drives:modeling,analysis and control / Krishnan, R.Pearson3
149.Electric motors: applications and control / Deshpande, M.V.PHI2
150.Electric power generation,transmission,and distribution / Singh, S. N.PHI Learning Private Limited5
151.Electric power systems / Weedy, B.M.Wiley India2
152.Electric power systems:a first course / Mohan, NedWiley India5
153.Electrical and electronics engineering materials / Banerjee, G. K.PHI Learning Private Limited5
154.Electrical and electronics measurement / Banerjee, G.K.PHI2
155.Electrical circuit analysis;including passive network synthesis / Wadhwa,C.LNew Age International2
156.Electrical design estimating and costing / Raina, K.B.New Age International Publishers10
157.Electrical engineering (objective type) / Gupta, S.S.University Science Press1
158.Electrical engineering drawing / Bhattacharya, S.KNew Age International Publishers5
159.Electrical engineering fundamentals / Toro, Vincent DelPearson5
160.Electrical engineering materials / Basak, T. K.New Age International (P) Limited,Publishers2
161.Electrical machines / Prasad, RajendraPHI Learning Private Limited2
162.Electrical machines lab manual with matlab programs / Chaturvedi, Dr. D.K.University Science Press2
163.Electrical measurements fundamentals,concepts,applications / Reissland, Martin U.New Age International1
164.Electrical power generation / Goel, ManishUniversity Science Press2
165.Electrical Power Quality / Dixit, J.B.University Science Press2
166.Electrical power system analysis / Sivanagaraju, S.University Science Press2
167.Electrical power systems:analysis,security and deregulation / Venkatesh, P.PHI Learning5
168.Electrical power systems:theory and practice / Bandyopadhyay, M.N.Prentice-Hall2
169.Electrical power transmission and distribution / Sivanagaraju, S.Pearson2
170.Electrical properties of materials / Solymar,L.Oxford University Press10
171.Electrical transients in power systems / Greenwood, AllanJohn Wiley2
172.Electrics machines and drives : a first course / Ned MohanWiley India5
173.Electromagnetic field theory and transmission lines / Raju, G.S.NPearson2
174.Electromagnetic field theory and transmission lines / Rao, Gottapu SasibhushanaWiley India4
175.Electromagnetic waves and radiating systems / Jordan, Edward C.Pearson5
176.Electronic devices and circuits / Bell, David A.Oxford University Press5
177.Electronic instruments and instrumentation technology / Anand, M.M.S.PHI Learning4
178.Elementary irrigation engineering / Asawa, G.L.New Age International Publishers5
179.Elements of electronic instrumentation and measurement / Carr, Joseph J.Pearson Education2
180.Elements of engineering electromagnetics / Rao, Narayan NannapaneniPearson2
181.Elements of metallurgy and engineering alloys / campbell,F.CASM International1
182.Elements of power electronics / Krein,Philip TOxford University Press5
183.Elements of power system (for U.P. technical universtiy, Lucknow) / Rajput, R.K.Laxmi Publications3
184.Energy conversion systems / Begamudre, Rakosh DasNew Age International Publishers2
185.Energy engineering and management / Chakrabarti, AlmanPHI Learning5
186.Engineering drawing / Phatak,AmarDreamtech5
187.Engineering drawing;+AutoCad / Venugopal,KNew Age International10
188.Engineering electromagnetics / Wadhwa,C.LNew Age International2
189.Engineering fluid mechanics / Garde,R.J.Scitech Publications5
190.Engineering geology / Bell, F.G.Elsevier2
191.Engineering geology / Gangopadhyay,SubinoyOxford Uni. Press4
192.Engineering geology for civil engineers / Varghese,P.C.PHI Learning3
193.Engineering graphics workbook / Phull, G.S.Dreamtech Press10
194.Engineering hydrology / Ojha,C.S.POxford Uni. Press10
195.Engineering in rocks for slopes,foundations and tunnels / Ramamurthy,T.PHI Learning Private Limited2
196.Engineering materials;research,applications and advances / Gupta,K.MCRC Press1
197.Engineering mechanics / Prabhu.T.JScitech Publications5
198.Engineering mechanics / Raghunath, H. M.New Age International (P) Limited,Publishers5
199.Engineering optimization : theory and practice / Rao,Singiresu S.New Age International2
200.Engineering optimization : theory and practice / Rao,Singiresu S.New Age International5
201.Engineering Thermodynamics / Chattopadhyay, POxford University Press5
202.Entrepreneurship / Roy, RajeevOxford University Press10
203.environmental engineering science / Nazaroff,William WWiley3
204.Environmental impact assessment / Chitkara, M.GAPH Publishing Corporation1
205.Essence of time management principles and practice / Michael, LeBoeufJaico Publishing House1
206.Essentials of Operations management / Young, Scott T.Sage3
207.Event marketing : how to successfully promote events, festivals, conventions, and expositions / Preston, C.A.Wiley India6
208.Everybody wants a hit : 10 mantras of success in Bollywood cinema / Bose, DerekJaico Publishing House1
209.Executive time management / Reynolds, HelenJaico Publishing House1
210.Extra high voltage AC transmission / Bagamudre, R.D.New Age International2
211.Facts controllers in power transmission and distribution / Padiyar, K.R.New Age International Publishers2
212.Family wisdom: from the monk who sold his ferrari / Sharma, RobinJaico Publishing House1
213.Fast track objective arithmetic / Verma, RajeshArihant Publications (India) Limited1
214.Financial management in construction contracting / Ross,AndrewJohn Wiley1
215.Financial planning : theory and practice / Mittra, SidSage2
216.Finding happiness in a changed world moving on / Perrin,StuartJaico Publishing House1
217.Finite element analysis of structures through unified formulation / Carrera,ErasmoWiley1
218.Finite element method / Dhanaraj,ROxford Uni. press5
219.Finite element method and computational structural dynamics / Shrikhande,ManishPHI Learning5
220.Finite element method for fluid dynamics / Zienkiewicz,O.C.Elsevier3
221.Finite element methods in mechanics / Eslami,M.RejaSpringer1
222.Finite element methods;concepts and applications ingeomechanics / Deb,DebasisPHI Learning2
223.Fish! : a proven way to boost morale and improve results / Lundin, Stephen CHodder & Stoughton Ltd.1
224.Flow through open channels / Srivastava, RajeshOxford University Press2
225.Fluid mechanics : an intermediate approach / Bajay K. SultanianCRC Press1
226.Fluid mechanics and its applications / Gupta, VijayNew Age International Publishers10
227.Fluid mechanics and machinery / Chanamala Ratnam and Arun Vikram KothapalliI K International5
228.Fluid mechanics and machinery / Ojha,C.S.POxford Uni.Press5
229.Fluid Mechanics: through problems / Garde, R.J.New Age Innternational Publishers5
230.Foundation design in practice / Ghosh, Karuna MoyPHI Learning Private Limited3
231.Foundation engineering / Chattopadhyay, Bikash ChandraPHI Learning3
232.Foundations and applications of engineering mechanics / Ram,H.DCambridge University press5
233.Foundations of analog and digital electronic circuits / Agarwal, AnantMorgan Kaufmann Publishers4
234.Foundations of crystallography with computer applications / Julian,Maureen MCRC Press1
235.Fracture mechanics / Sun,C.TElsevier2
236.Fuel cells:principles, design, and analysis / Revankar,ShripadCRC Press1
237.Fundamentals of Adaptive Filtering / Sayed, Ali H.WIley India2
238.Fundamentals of communication systems / Proakis, John G.Pearson8
239.Fundamentals of digital circuits / Kumar, A. AnandPHI5
240.Fundamentals of digital image processing / Jain, Anil K.Pearson3
241.Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing / Ludeman,Lonnie C.Wiley India2
242.Fundamentals of electrical and electronics engineering / Ghosh, smarajitPHI15
243.Fundamentals of electrical drives / Veltman, AndreSpringer5
244.Fundamentals of electromagnetic theory / Dash, Saroj KPHI Learning Private Limited2
245.Fundamentals of engineering electromagnetics / Bhooshan, SunilOxford University Press10
246.Fundamentals of engineering electromagnetics / Cheng, David K.Pearson2
247.Fundamentals of engineering mechanics / Rajasekaran, S.Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd10
248.Fundamentals of environmental studies / Basu,MahuaCambridge University Press5
249.Fundamentals of geographic information systems / Demers,Michael N.Wiley India2
250.Fundamentals of industrial instrumentation / Barua, AlokWiley India2
251.Fundamentals of manufacturing engineering / Singh, D.K.Anne Books1
252.Fundamentals of structural analysis / West, Harry H.Wiley India5
253.Fundamentals of structural mechanics and analysis / Gambhir, M.L.PHI Learning5
254.Fundamentals of structural stability / Simitses, George J.Elsevier2
255.Fundamentals of surveying / Roy,S.K.PHI Learning3
256.Fuzzy logic with Engineering applications / Ross, Timothy J.Wiley India4
257.Gandhi / Khergamker,Jaico Publishing House1
258.Gandhi the man / Eknath, EaswaranJaico Publishing House1
259.Gas turbine combustion : alternative fuels and emissions / Lefebvre, Arthur H.CRC Press4
260.GATE 2017 : chemical engineering / G.K. Publications (P) Ltd1
261.GATE 2017 : civil engineering / G.K. Publicatins (P) Ltd1
262.GATE 2017 : electrical engineering / G.K. Publicatins (P) Ltd1
263.GATE 2017: computer science & information technology / G.K.Publication (P) Ltd1
264.GATE tutor 2017: chemical engineering / Gupta, NikhilArihant Publications (India) Ltd1
265.GATE tutor 2017: civil engineering / Dixit, PrashantArihant Publications (India) Ltd1
266.GATE tutor 2017: electrical engineering / Bharti, PrashantArihant Publications (India) Ltd1
267.GATE tutor 2017: electronics and communication engineering / Goel, AnkitArihant Publications (India) Ltd1
268.GATE tutor 2017: mechanical engineering / Goswami, Er. Dinesh NathArihant Publications (India) Ltd1
269.GATE: civil engineering / Mungule, MaheshWiley3
270.Generation and utilization of electrical energy / Sivanagaraju, S.Pearson2
271.Generation,distribution and utilization of electrical energy / Wadhwa, C. L.New Age International (P) Limited,Publishers5
272.Geoinformatics multi colour edition / Chandra, A.M.New Age International Publishers5
273.Geotechnical engineering / Khitoliya, R.K.3
274.Geotechnical engineering / Venkatramaiah, C.New Age International Publishers5
275.Get happy now : 10 steps to happiness / Bhanver, JagmohanJaico Publishing House1
276.Getting started with MATLAB;a quick introduction for scientists and engineers / Pratap,Rudraoxford Uni.Press5
277.Global marketing: practical insights & international analysis / Farrell, CarlyleSage1
278.Graphene;energy storage and conversion applications / Liu,ZhaopingCRC Press1
279.Graphene;fundamentals,devices,and applications / Shafraniuk,SerhiiPan stanford Publishing1
280.Great quotes from great leaders / Peggy,AndersonJaico Publishing House1
281.Great quotes from great women / Anderson, PeggyJaico Publishing House1
282.Ground water / Ramakrishnan,SScitech Publications1
283.Groundwater hydrology / Agarwal, V. C.PHI Learning Private Limited5
284.Groundwater science / Fitts, Charles R.Elsevier2
285.Guts & glory:includes stories of 27 awe-inspiring indian cricketers / Waingankar, MakarandJaico Publishing House1
286.Handbook on theory and practice of Illuminating engineering, vol-1 / Roy, KamleshUniversity Science Press4
287.Hands-On introduction to LabVIEW for scientists and engineers / Essick, JohnOxford Univesity Press2
288.Heat and mass transfer data book / Kothandaraman , C.P.New Age International Publishers10
289.Heat exchanger design guide:a practical guide for planning, selecting and designing of shell and tube exchangers / Nitsche, ManfredElsevier1
290.High voltage engineering / Wadhwa,C.L.New Age International2
291.High voltage engineering : problems and solutions / Begamudra, Rakosh DasNew Age International2
292.High voltage insulation engineering:behaviour of dielectrics,their properties and applications / Arora, RavindraNew Age International Publishers2
293.Higher surveying / Chandra, A.M.New Age International Publishers5
294.Highway engineering / Subramanian,K.PScitech Publications10
295.Highway material testing quality control / Rao, G. VenkatappaI.K. International Publishing House4
296.Hospitality marketing management / Reid, Robert D.Wiley India5
297.How to top exams & enjoy studies : study techniques for every student / Bathia, DhavalJaico Publishing House1
298.Hughes Electrical and Electronic Technology / Hiley, JohnPearson5
299.Hydrology / Das, Madan MohanPHI Learning Private Limited3
300.Hydrology; principles, analysis and design / Raghunath,H.M.New Age International Publishers5
301.Improving concentration skills / Harris, GodfreyJaico Publishing House1
302.India 2020: a vision for the new millennium / Kalam, A.P.J. AbdulPenguin Books1
303.Industrial electronics and control / Paul, BiswanathPHI1
304.Infrastructure health in civil engineering;theory and components / Ettouney,Mohammed MCRC Press1
305.Innovation management / Jauhari, VinnieOxford University Press15
306.Innovative bridge design handbook / Pipinato , Alession, ed.Elsevier1
307.Instrumentation and control / Patranabis, DPHI Learning Private Limited5
308.Intelligent systems and control;principles and applications / Behera,LaxmidharOxford Uni. Press5
309.International entrepreneurship:starting,developing and managing a global venture / Hisrich, Robert D.Sage Publications1
310.International human resource management:a multinational company perspectiove / Tayeb, Monir H.Oxford University Press2
311.International management / Mead, RichardWiley India6
312.International marketing / Joshi, Rakesh MohanOxford University Press7
313.Introduction to analog and digital communications / Haykin, SimonWiley India5
314.Introduction to basic manufacturing processes and workshop technology / Singh, RajenderNew Age International Publishers10
315.Introduction to continuum mechanics / Lai,W.MichaelElsevier2
316.Introduction to Electric Circuits : international student version / Dorf, Richard C.Wiley India5
317.Introduction to estimating for construction / Greenhalgh,BrianRoutledge1
318.Introduction to financial statement analysis / Bhattacharyya, Asish KElsevier5
319.Introduction to finite element methods / Godbole, P. N.I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.5
320.Introduction to high voltage engineering / Ray, SubirPHI4
321.Introduction to measurements and instrumentation / Ghosh, Arun K.PHI Learning2
322.Introduction to polymer-clay nanocomposites / Gurses,AhmetPan Standard1
323.Introduction to random signals and noise / Etten,Wim C.VanWiley India2
324.Introduction to signals and systems and digital signal processing / Bandyopadhyay, M.N.PHI2
325.Introduction to structural analysis: displacement and force methods / Mau, S.T.CRC Press1
326.Introduction to the thermodynamics of materials / Gaskell,David R.Taylor & Francis5
327.Introduction to theoretical and computational fluid dynamics / Pozrikidis, C.Oxford University Press1
328.Introductory circuit analysis / Boylestad, Robert L.Pearson5
329.Irrigation and water power engineering / PHI5
330.Irrigation and water resources engineering / Asawa,G.L.New Age International Publishers5
331.Irrigation engineering / Raghunath, H.MWiley India5
332.Jawaharlal Nehru : a biography / Moraes,FrankJaico Publishing House1
333.Joining;understanding the basics / Campbell,F.CASM1
334.Laboratory work in hydraulic engineering / Asawa,G.L.New Age International Publishers10
335.Labrotary manual hydraulics and hydraulic machines / Raikar, R.V.PHI10
336.Leadership wisdom: from the monk who sold his ferrari / Sharma, RobinJaico Publishing House1
337.Life ia an attitude / Billington,DottieJaico Publising House1
338.Life is what you make it / Shenoy, PreetiSrishti Publishers & Distributors1
339.Limit state design in structural steel / Shiyekar, M. R.PHI Learning Private Limited5
340.Limit state design of steel structures / Kanthimathinathan , S.I.K. International Publishing House10
341.Lokmanya tilk: a biography / Bhagwat,A.KJaico Publishing House1
342.Low-volume road engineering : design, construction, and maintenance / Douglas, Robert A.CRC Press1
343.Magnetism in condensed matter / Blundell, StephenOxford University Press1
344.Mahatma Gandhi: essays & reflections / Radhakrishnan, SarvepalliJaico Publishing House1
345.Maintenance repair & rehabilitation & minor works of buildings / Varghese, P.C.PHI3
346.Management information system : moving business forward / Rainer, KellyWiley India5
347.Managerial economics : international student version / Samuelson, William F.Wiley India5
348.Manual for detailing of steel Structures / Kanthimathinathan, S.I.K. International Publishing House5
349.manual of engineering drawing;technical product specification and documentation to British and International standars / Simmons,Colin HElsevier1
350.Marketing research : a global outlook / Kumar, V.Sage7
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1045.How to publish phd : a practical guide for the humanities and social sciences / Caro, SarahSage1
1046.How top hire coach, and mentor successful teachers / McEwan, Elaine K.Sage1
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1048.Human resource management for the hospitality and tourism industries / Dennis NicksonRoutledge1
1049.Human values / Tripathi, A.N.New Age International2
1050.Humanities and social science / Pradhan,MadhaviDreamtech2
1051.Hydraulic machines; fluid machinery / Singal,R.KI.K. International1
1052.Implementing ISO 9001:2008 quality management system; a reference guide / Singhal,DivyaPHI Learning5
1053.Indian economy : problem of development and planning ideal for competitive examination candidates and degree students / Agrawal, A NNew Age2
1054.Industrial and organisational psychology / Spector, Paul E.Wiley India1
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1057.Industrial economics: an introductory textbook / Barthwal, R.R.New Age International Publishers1
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1059.Industrial ergonomics / Khan,M.IPhi Learning4
1060.Industrial management / Srivastava,S.BI.K. International1
1061.Industrial relations : a contemporary approach / Bray, MarkTata McGraw Hill1
1062.Industrial relations and labour laws / Ghosh, PiyaliMcGraw Hill Education1
1063.Infrared spectroscopy : fundamentals and applications / Stuart,Barbara H.Wiley India1
1064.Innovation management : strategies, concepts and tools for growth and profit / Maital, ShlomoSage1
1065.Inorganic chemistry / House,James E.Elsevier Inida1
1066.Instrumental methods of analysis / Sivasankar, B.Oxford University Press5
1067.Intelligence : form secrets to policy / Lowenthal, Mark M.Sage1
1068.Internal combustion engines: applied thermosciences / Ferguson, Colin R.Wiley India5
1069.International economics / Pugel,Thomas A.Tata McGrwa-Hill1
1070.International economics; theory and practice / Krugman,Paul RPearson1
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1072.International project management / Koster,KathrinSage Publications India1
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1075.Introduction to fiber optics / Ghatak, AjoyFoundation Books1
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1078.Introduction to fluorescence / Jameson, David M.CRC Press1
1079.Introduction to materials science for engineers / Shackelford,James F.Pearson India Education Services1
1080.Introduction to nanoelectronics;science,nanotechnology,engineering ,and application / Mitin,Vladimir VCambridge University Press1
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1083.Introduction to qualitative research methods : a guidebook and resource / Taylor, Steven J.Wiley1
1084.Introduction to quantum mechanics : schrodinger equation and path integral / Kirsten, Harald J W MillerCambridge University Press1
1085.Introduction to robotics: analysis, control ,applications / Niku, Saeed B.Wiley5
1086.Introduction to special relativity / Resnick, RobertWiley Eastern1
1087.Introduction to spectroscopy / Pavia,Donald L.Cengage Learning1
1088.Introduction to statistical physics / Huang,KersonCRc Press1
1089.Introduction to the finite element method ; theory, programming and applications / Erik G. ThompsonWiley India5
1090.Introduction to thermal and fluid engineering / Allan D. KrausCRC Press1
1091.Introductory rural sociology; a synopsis of concepts and principles / Chitambar, J.B.New Age International2
1092.Introductory solid state physics / Myers,H.P.CRC press1
1093.Inventory management / Bose,D.ChandraPHI learning4
1094.Invitation to qualitative fleldwork / Orne, JasonRoutledge1
1095.Invitation to the sociology of emotions / Harris, Scott RRoutledge1
1096.Key concepts in environmental chemistry / Hanrahan,GradyAcademic Press1
1097.Kinematics and dynamics of machinery / Charles E. WilsonPearson2
1098.Kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems / Russell, KevinCRC Press1
1099.Language and power / Fairclough,NormanRouthledge1
1100.Laser and photonic system;design and integration / Nof,Shimon YCRC Press1
1101.Laser physics : from principles to practical work in the lab / Eichhorn, MarcSpringer1
1102.Leadership and place / Collinge, ChrisRoutledge1
1103.Leadership and the city :power, strategy and networks in the making of knowledge cities / Sotarauta, MarkkuRoutledge1
1104.Leadership contract :the fine print to becoming an accountable leader / Molinaro, VinceWiley India1
1105.Leadership:theory and practice / Northouse,Peter G.Sage publications India1
1106.Leading through language : choosing words that influence and inspire / Egnal, BartWiley India1
1107.Lean and agile manufacturing;theoretical,practical and research futurities / Devadasan,S.RPHI Learning4
1108.Lectures on Quantum Mechanics basic Matters / Englert Berthold GeorgCambridge2
1109.Life analysis of nanoparticles : risk, assessment, and sustainability / Vaseashta, AshokDEStech Publication1
1110.Light the physics of the photon / Keller, OleCRC Press1
1111.Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry / Niessen,W..M.A.CRC Press1
1112.Literary theory and criticism : an Oxford guide / Waugh, PatriciaOxford University Press1
1113.Machine and mechanisms : applied kinematic analysis / David H. MyszkaPearson2
1114.Machine design / Jindal,U.CPearson2
1115.Machine design data book / Jadon,V.KI.K. International5
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1117.Machine Design:Fundamentals and Applications / Gope, P.C.PHI Learning Private Limited4
1118.Machine drawing / Junnarkar, N.D.Pearson2
1119.Machine drawing with AutoCAD / Pohit,GoutamPearson India Education Services2
1120.Machine tool practices / Richard R. Kibbe ... [et al.]Pearson2
1121.Machinery condition monitoring : principles and practices / Mohanty, Amiya R.CRC Press1
1122.Machining and machine tools / Chattopadhyay, A. B.Wiley India5
1123.Macroeconomics;policy and practice / Mishkin,Frederic SPearson1
1124.Maintenance and spare parts management / Gopalakrishnan,P.PHI Learning2
1125.Maintenance engineering and management / Mishra, R.C.PHI1
1126.Maintenance engineering and management / Mishra, R.C.PHI Learning9
1127.Maintenance engineering and management / Venkataraman, K.PHI Learning Private Limited5
1128.Managerial economics / Nadar, E. NarayananPHI1
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1130.Managerial economics: concepts and cases / Mote, V.L.McGraw-Hill3
1131.Managerial economics: concepts and cases / Mote, V.L.McGraw-Hill Education (India)2
1132.Managerial economics:concepts and applications / Thamas, Chritopher R.Tata McGraw-Hill5
1133.Managerial leadership in multicultural organisations :challenging the challenges of globalisation / Ramakrishnana, KunnethPHI1
1134.Managing for the future / Drucker , Peter FRoutledge1
1135.Managing in a time of great change / Drucker, Peter F.Butterworth-Heinemann(an imprint of elsevier)1
1136.Managing technological innovation : competitive advantage from change / Betz, FrederickWiley1
1137.Managing technology entrepreneurship and innovation / Trott,PaulRoutledge1
1138.Manufacturing engineering / Singh, K. HiraniyaI.K. International Publishing House1
1139.Manufacturing engineering and technology / Kalpakjian, SeropePearson Education2
1140.Manufacturing process for engineering materials / Serope Kalpakjian and Steven R. SchmidPearson2
1141.Manufacturing processes / Kaushish, J.P.PHI Learning Private Limited4
1142.Manufacturing processes / kumar, RajeevPHI Learning Private Limited4
1143.Manufacturing processes / Sharma,S.K.I.K.International Publishing House2
1144.Manufacturing processes and systems / Ostwald, Phillip F.Wiley India5
1145.Manufacturing science / Khan, M.I.PHI Learning Private Limited4
1146.Manufacturing science;forming,casting and welding-vol.1 / Sawhney,G.SI.K.International2
1147.manufacturing science;metal cutting,conventional and non-conventional machining and welding vol.2 / Sawhney,G.SI.K. International2
1148.Manufacturing technology : material, processes, and equipment / Youssef, Helmi A.Baca Raton1
1149.Manufacturing technology;theory and problems / Singh,D.K.Pearson Education2
1150.Mass spectrometry in drug discovery / Rossi,David T.,ed.Marcel Dekker1
1151.Material science and metallurgy / Jindal,U.CPearson3
1152.Material science and metallurgy / parashivamurthy,K.IPearson3
1153.Materials and processes in manufacturing / Black, J TWiley India1
1154.Materials science and engineering / Sawhney,G.SI.K.International Publishing House2
1155.Materials science for engineers / Anderson, J.C.Nelson Thomes1
1156.Mathematical methods for physics and engineering / Riley, K.F.Cambridge University Press1
1157.Matlab and simulink for engineers / Tyagi, Agam KumarOxford University Press1
1158.MATLAB: an introduction with applications / Gilat, AmosWiley India2
1159.Mechanical design of machine components / Ugural, Ansel C.CRC Press1
1160.Mechanical design of machine elements and machines / Collins,Jack A.Wiley India5
1161.Mechanical engineering data handbook / Panday,MukeshI.K. International5
1162.Mechanical engineering design;principles and concepts / Ahmed,sirajPHI4
1163.Mechanical Engineering drawing / Dey, Sankar PradadVikas Publishing10
1164.Mechanical measurements / Beckwith,Thomas G.Pearson Education2
1165.Mechanics and wave motion / Singh,Vinod KumarI.K. International1
1166.Mechanics of materials / Popov, E.P.Pearson2
1167.Mechanics of Materials / R.C. HibbelerPearson2
1168.Mechanics of solids / Mubeen, AbdulPearson Education2
1169.Mechanics of solids / Singh,Arbind KumarPrentice-Hall10
1170.Metal cutting and tool design / B. J. RanganathVikas Publishing House10
1171.Methods of experimental physics / Pergament,M.I.CRC Press1
1172.Modern engineering thermodynamics / Robert T. BalmerAcademic Press (an imprint of Elsevier)5
1173.Modern industrial organization / Carlton, Dennis W.Pearson1
1174.Modern production/operations management / Buffa, Elwood S.Wiley India5
1175.Multicriterion analysis in engineering and management / Raju,K.srinivasaPHI Learning5
1176.Nanotechnology : an introduction to synthesis properties and applications of nanomaterials / Varghese, ThomasAtlantic1
1177.Natural products : a laboratory guide / Ikan, RaphaelAcademic Press1
1178.Nuclear and particle physics / Kakani, S. L.Viva Books1
1179.Nuclear technology / : Angelo, Joseph A.Pentagon Press1
1180.OLED fundamentals :materials, devices, and processing of organic light-emitting diodes / Gaspar, Daniel J.CRC Press1
1181.Operations management and productivity techniques / Mukherjee,P.NPHI Learning10
1182.Operations research / A.M. Natarajan; P. Balasubramanie and A.TamilarasiPearson2
1183.Operations research / Panneerselvam,R.PHI Learning5
1184.Operations research : an introduction / P. MariappanPearson2
1185.Operations research:principles and practice / Ravindran, AWiley India2
1186.Operations research;algorithms and applications / Sen,Rathindra P.PHI Learning4
1187.Optical fiber sensor : advanced techniques and applications / Rajan, GinuCRC Press1
1188.Optical physics / Lipson, ArielCambridge University Press1
1189.Optimization for engineering design algorithms and examples / Deb, KalyanmoyPHI Learning Private Limited5
1190.Optimization methods for engineers / Raju,N.V.SPHI5
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1194.Organization;contemporary principles and practice / Child,JohnWiley India Pvt. Ltd.2
1195.Organizational behavior / Nahavandi,Afsanehsage publication1
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1198.Organizational change,an action-oriented toolkit / Cawset,Tupper FSage Pub1
1199.Organizational psychology;a scientist-practitioner approach / Jex,Steve Mjohn wiley2
1200.Oxford dictionary of physics / Oxford University Press1
1201.Performance appraisal and compensation management : a modern approach / Goel, DewakarPHI1
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1204.Physical chemistry / Atkins, Peter WilliamOxford University5
1205.Physical chemistry / Mortimer, Robert G.Academic Press1
1206.Physical chemistry for engineering and applied sciences / Foulkes, Frank R.CRC Press1
1207.Physical properties of materials / White, Mary AnneCRC Press1
1208.Physics / Breithaupt ,JimPalgrave1
1209.Physics : as per rgpv cbcs syllabus(ph110) / BhattacharyaOxford University Press1
1210.Physics of materials: essential concepts of solid-state physics / Haridoss ,PrathapWiley India2
1211.Physics of semiconductors / Sapoval,B.Springer (India)1
1212.Political economy of energy and growth / Jung, NajeebOxford University Press1
1213.Postmodern literary theory;an introduction / Lucy,NiallWiley India Pvt. Ltd1
1214.Power plant engineering / R. K. HegdePearson2
1215.Practical guide to critical thinking : deciding what to do and believe / Hunter, David A.Wiley India2
1216.Practical reliability engineering / O'connor, Patrick D.T.Wiley India5
1217.Principles of chemical kinetics / House, James E.Academic Press1
1218.Principles of computer-integrated manufacturing / Vajpayee, S. KantPHI Learning Private Limited5
1219.Principles of econometrics : an introduction (using R) / Hatekar, Neeraj R.SAGE1
1220.Principles of electromagnetics / Sadiku,Matthew N.O.Oxford University Press1
1221.Principles of Instrumental analysis / Skoog, Douglas A.Crouch, Stanley R.1
1222.Principles of macroeconomics / Rangarajan,CTata McGraw-Hill1
1223.Principles of measurement systems / Bentley, John P.Pearson education2
1224.Principles of metal manufacturing processes / J. Beddoes and M.J. BibbyElsevier4
1225.Principles of modern manufacturing : SI version / Groover, Mikell P.Wiley5
1226.Principles of nano - optics / Novotny, LukasCambridge University Press1
1227.Principles of refrigeration / Dassat, Roy J.Pearson Education2
1228.Principles of thermodynamics / Kaufman,MyronMarcel Dekker1
1229.Problem and solution in organic chemistry / Gupta, Subrata SenOxford University Press1
1230.Problems in organic structure determination / Linington, Roger G.CRC Press1
1231.Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Materials Processing and Characterization, 28th-30th August 2 / International Conference on Advances in Materials ProcessingI.K. International Publishing House v.I2
1232.Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Materials Processing and Characterization, 28th-30th August 2 / International Conference on Advances in Materials ProcessingI.K. International Publishing House v.II2
1233.Process and materials of manufacture / Roy A. LindbergPerason2
1234.Product design and manufacturing / Chitale, A.K.PHI Learning Private Limited2
1235.Product design creativity, concepts and usability / Kumar, PrashantPHI Learning4
1236.Product design;techniques in reverse engineering and new product development / Kevin N. OttoPearson Education2
1237.Production and operations management / Adam, Everett E.PHI Learning5
1238.Production and operations management / Khann, R.B.PHI Learning4
1239.Production planning and control:text and cases / Mukhopadhyay,S.K.PHI Learning5
1240.Production technology / Narayana, K.L.I.K. International Publishing House5
1241.Psychological testing : a practical approact / Leslie A. MillerSage1
1242.Psychology : the study of human behaviour / Mishra, Braj KumarPHI2
1243.Qualitative analysis in the making / Kuzmanovic, DaniellaRoutledge1
1244.Quality control / Kulkarni, V.A.Wiley India5
1245.Quantitative methods for economists / Veerachamy, R.New Age International Pvt. Ltd.2
1246.Quantitative techniques for managerial decisions / Srivastava, U.K.New Age International Publishers1
1247.Rangbhumi:the arena of life / Prem ChandOxford University Press1
1248.Refrigeration and air conditioning / Ameen,AhmadulPHI Learning4
1249.Refrigeration and air conditioning / Arora, Ramesh chandraPHI Learning4
1250.Relativity made relatively easy / Steane, Andrew M.Oxford University Press1
1251.Reliability, maintainability and risk: practical methods for engineering / J.Devid SmithElservier2
1252.Renewable energy sources: their impact on global warming and pollution / Abbasi, TasneemPHI Learning Private Limited15
1253.Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches / Creswell, John W.SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd1
1254.Research in psychology : a practical guide to methods and statistics / Dyer, ColinWiley India2
1255.Research methodology : method and techniques / C R KothariNew Age International2
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1257.Research methods for business and social science students / Adams, JohnSAGE1
1258.Robot system reliability and safety : a modern approach / B. S. DhillonCRC Press1
1259.Robotics / K.K, Appu KuttanI.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.1
1260.Robots and manufacturing automation / C Ray AsfahlWiley India1
1261.Scientific basis for ayurvedic therapies / Mishra, Lakshi Chandra, ed.CRC Press1
1262.Semiconductor devices and circuits / Dutta, Aloke K.Oxford University Press1
1263.Semiconductor physics and devices / Islam, S.S.Oxford University Press1
1264.Social communication development and disorders / HWa-Froelich, Deborah A.Psychology Press(T & F Group)1
1265.Social congnition :an integrated introduction / Martha Augoustinos Iain WalkerSage1
1266.Social policy for social work : placing social work in its wider context / Lorraine GreenPolity Press1
1267.Social problems : a human rights perspective / Bonds, EricRoutledge1
1268.Solar photovoltaic technology and systems: a manual for technicians, trainers and engineers / Solanki, Chetan SinghPHI Learning10
1269.Solid State electronic devices / Bhattacharya,D.K.Oxford University Press1
1270.Solid state lasers : tunable sources and passive q-switching elements / Kalisky, YehoshuaSPIE Press1
1271.Solid state physics / Hook,J.R.Wiley India1
1272.Solid state physics / Palanisamy, P.K.Scitech Publications1
1273.Solved practical problems in fluid mechanics / Carl J. SchaschkeCRC Press1
1274.Space technology / Angelo, Joseph A.Pentagon Press1
1275.Spectroscopy: Fundamentals and data interpretation / Fuloria, N.K.Studium Press (India)1
1276.Spot tests in inorganic analysis / Fegil, FritzElsevier1
1277.Spot tests in organic analysis / Feigl,FritzElsevier1
1278.State -of-the-art infrared detector technology / Kinch, A. MichaelSPIE Press1
1279.Statics and strength of materials / H.W. MorrowPearson2
1280.Statistical methods for quality, reliability and maintainability. / Muralidharan, KPHI Learning5
1281.Statistical reasoning in the behavioural sciences / King, Bruce M.Wiley India1
1282.Statistics for behavioural and social sciences / Mohanty, BanamaliSage1
1283.Statistics in psychology and education / Mangal, S. K.Prentice-Hall1
1284.Strategic applications of named reactions in organic synthesis : background and detailed mechanisms / Kurti, LaszloElsevier1
1285.Strategic data warehousing : achieving alignment with business / Bhansali, NeeraCRC Press1
1286.Strength of materials / Jindal,U.C.Pearson2
1287.Strength of materials / Nag, DebabrataWiley India5
1288.Strength of materials / P.Purushothama RajPearson2
1289.Strength of materials / Srivastava, A.K.PHI Learning10
1290.Stupidity of intelligence :what happened to common sense / Awad, Elias M.PHI1
1291.System engineering tools and methods / Ali K. KamraniCRC Press1
1292.System synthesis : product and process design / Jeffrey O. GradyCRC Press1
1293.T.S. Eliot Volume 2 : critical heritage / Michael GrantRoutledge1
1294.Targeted drug delivery : concept and design / Devarajan, Padma V.Springer1
1295.Teaching matters most : a school leader's guide to improving classroom instruction / McCann, Thomas M.Sage1
1296.Technical writing / B.N.BasuPHI1
1297.Textbook of finite element analysis / Seshu, P.PHI Learning4
1298.Textbook of physical chemistry / Moudgil, H.K.PHI2
1299.Textbook of production engineering / Jain, K.C.PHI4
1300.The Meaning of relativity / Einstein,AlbertRoutledge1
1301.The special theory of relativity / Bohm,DavidRoutledge1
1302.Theories of personality / Hall, Calvin S.New Delhi2
1303.Theory of machines : a text book for engineering students / Thomas BevanPearson2
1304.Theory of machines: kinematics / Ravi, V.PHI Learning Private Limited10
1305.Theory of machines: kinematics and dynamics / Gupta, B.V.RIK International Publishing House Pvt Ltd5
1306.Theory of machines: kinematics and dynamics / Singh, SadhuPearson2
1307.Theory of mechanisms and machines / Sharma, C.S.PHI10
1308.Thermal metal cutting processes / Ranganath, B.JI.K.International Publishing House Pvt Ltd2
1309.Thermal turbomachines / Singh, OnkarWiley India5
1310.Thermodynamics / Gupta, S.C.Pearson2
1311.Thermodynamics / Kumar, PrasannaPearson2
1312.Thermodynamics databook / Sonntag , Richard E.Wiley India10
1313.Total quality management / Suganthi, L.PHI4
1314.Total quality management:text and cases / Janakiraman, B.PHI4
1315.Training and development : theories and applications / Bhattacharyya, Dipak KumarSage1
1316.Transactional analysis for depression: a step-by-step treatment manual / Widdowson, MarkRoutledge1
1317.Transport in nanostructures / Ferry, David KCambridge University Press1
1318.Transportation systems reliability and safety / Dhillon, B.S.CRC Press2
1319.Turbomachines / Pai, B.U.Wiley India10
1320.Understanding A3 thinking : a critical component of Toyota's PDCA management system / Sobek, Durward K.CRC Press1
1321.Understanding biobhotonics : fundamentals, advances and applications / Tsia, Kevin K.Pan Stanford Publishing1
1322.Understanding social enterprise : theory and practice / Ridley-Duff, RorySage1
1323.Vogel's textbook of quantitative chemical analysis / Mendham, JPearson Education1
1324.Wastewater treatment : occurrence and fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) / Forsgren, Amy J.CRC Press1
1325.Water at interfaces : a molecular approach / Fraxedas, JordiCRC Pess1
1326.Water chemistry:green science and technology of nature's most renewable resource / Manahan, Stanley E.CRC Press1
1327.Wave optics:basic concepts and contemporary trends / Dutta Gupta,SubhasishCRC Press1
1328.Work in the 21st century : an introduction to industrial and organizational psychology / Landy, Frank J.Wiley India3
1329.X -ray diffraction : modern experimental techniques / Seeck, Oliver HPan Stanford Publishing1
1330.2 states:the story of my marriage / Bhagat,ChetanRupa & Co.1
1331.8085 microprocessor programming and interfacing / Srinath, N.K.Prentice-Hall5
1332.A course in english communication. / Apte,MadhaviPHI Learning Pvt. Ltd6
1333.A student`s guide to coding and information theory / Moser,Stefan MCambridge Universioty Press5
1334.A textbook on automata theory / S.F.B,NasirFoundation Books10
1335.Ad Hoc & sensor networks;theory and applications / Cordeiro,Carlos De MoraisOxford University Press2
1336.Advanced compiler design implementation / Muchnick, Steven S.Morgan Kaufmann1
1337.Advanced data structures / Brass,PeterCambridge Universioty Press5
1338.Advanced digital communication systems / NIITPHI Learning5
1339.Advanced graphics programming using opengl / McReynolds, TomElsevier1
1340.Advanced systems design with Java, UML, and MDA / Lano,KevinElsevier India1
1341.Agile software architecture : aligning agile processes and software architectures / Babar,Muhammad Ali,ed.Elsevier India1
1342.Algorithms on strings, trees, and sequences : computer science and computational biology / Gusfield, DanCambridge University Press1
1343.Algorithms:design and analysis / Bhasin, HarshOxford Univerisity Press4
1344.An introduction to parallel programming / Pacheco, Peter S.Elesevier India1
1345.Analog electronics / Maheshwari, L.K.PHI5
1346.Analyzing the social web / Golbeck,JenniferMorgan Kaifmann Publication1
1347.Android app development for young adults and the rest of os / Beer, PaulaDreamtech Press5
1348.Antenna theory: analysis and design / Balanis, Constantine A.Wiley India5
1349.Architecture of manasara : text with english translation, notes and index, Vol-I / Acharya, Prasanna KumarNew Bhartiya Book Corporation1
1350.Architecture of manasara : text with english translation, notes and index, Vol-II / Acharya, Prasanna KumarNew Bhartiya Book Corporation2
1351.Arise, awake : the inspiring stories of 10 young entrepreneurs who graduated from college into a business of their own / Bansal,RashmiWestland1
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1353.Art of Designing embedded systems / Ganssle, JackElsevier1
1354.Art of multiprocessor programming / Herlihy, MauriceElsevier1
1355.Artificial intelligence : a new synthesis / Nilsson, Nils J.Morgan Kaufmann1
1356.Basics of cloud computing : understanding the fundamentals of cloud computing in theory and practice / Rountree, DerrickElsevier1
1357.Believe in yourself / Murphy, JosephManjul Publishing House1
1358.Biofuel technologies / Gupta, Vijai KumarSpringer1
1359.C & Data Structures / Deshpande,P.SDreamtech Press10
1360.C by example / Kalicharan,NoelCambridge University Press1
1361.Cases in management / Srivastava, sanjay EditorPHI learning10
1362.Climate change : observed impacts on planet earth / Letcher, Trevor M.Elsevier1
1363.Cloud computing: theory and practice / Marinescu, Dan.CMorgan Katfman Publishers1
1364.Cloud management and security / Abbadi,Imad MWiley5
1365.Co-verification of hardware and software for ARM SoC design / Andrews, Jason RElsevier1
1366.Communication engineering / Bandyopadhyay, M.NPHI Learning Pvt.Ltd.5
1367.Communication skills / Sen,LeenaPHI Learning Pvt. Ltd10
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1369.Computational intelligence : concepts to implementations / Eberhart, Russell CElsevier India1
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1377.Computer organization and design: the hardware/software interface / Patterson, David A.Elsevier India1
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