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IRINS (Indian Research Information Network System)


IRINS is web-based Research Information Management (RIM) service developed by the Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre in collaboration with the Central University of Punjab.

The portal facilitates the academic, R&D organisations and faculty members, scientists to collect, curate and showcase the scholarly communication activities and provide an opportunity to create the scholarly network. The IRINS is available as free software-as-service to the academic and R&D organisations in India.

In this regard, Faculty Members of NIT Hamirpur are requested to provide their information by filling up the following Google Form. The Office Order regarding collection the Information is also given below:

The faculty member has to provide their area of Expertise ID in the above Google From, which is provided in the following Excel File:

The details of the 77 faculty member who have already filled this information up to 05-09-2019 is given below:

S. No.NameDepartment/CenterDate of Filling the Information
1Dr Pushpendra SinghDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering30-6-2019
2Dr Suket KumarDepartment of Mathematics30-6-2019
3Dr Rajesh SharmaDepartment of Mechanical Engineering30-6-2019
4Dr Subhajit MajumderDepartment of Chemical Engineering30-6-2019
5Dr Varun GoelDepartment of Mechanical Engineering1-7-2019
6Dr Ramesh Kumar VatsDepartment of Mathematics3-7-2019
7Dr Chandra PrasadDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering1-7-2019
8Dr Rajiv Kumar SharmaDepartment of Mechanical Engineering1-7-2019
9Dr Vimal SharmaDepartment of Physics1-7-2019
10Dr Raj JarialDepartment of Electrical Engineering2-7-2019
11Mr Nitin GuptaDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering3-7-2019
12Dr Jai PrakashDepartment of Chemistry8-7-2019
13Dr Philemon DanielDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering8-7-2019
14Dr Arvind GautamDepartment of Chemical Engineering9-7-2019
15Dr Rashmi KumariDepartment of Architecture9-7-2019
16Dr Deepak SharmaDepartment of Mechanical Engineering10-7-2019
17Dr Dilshad Ahmad Khan Department of Mechanical Engineering10-7-2019
18Dr Subramanian ChandrasekaranDepartment of Electrical Engineering11-7-2019
19Dr Rajan KumarDepartment of Electrical Engineering14-7-2019
20Mrs Kalyan Sundar GhoshDepartment of Chemistry23-7-2019
21Prof Yogeshver Dutt SharmaDepartment of Mathematics24-7-2019
22Dr Rajesh SharmaDepartment of Mathematics24-7-2019
23Dr Raj KaushalDepartment of Chemistry24-7-2019
24Dr Neha YadavDepartment of Mathematics24-7-2019
25Dr Jaibir KherbDepartment of Chemistry24-7-2019
26Dr Pamita AwasthiDepartment of Chemistry24-7-2019
27Dr Ganesh TalariDepartment of Mathematics24-7-2019
28Mr Nitin PaliwalCentral Library25-7-2019
29Dr Leela Manohar AeshalaDepartment of Chemical Engineering25-7-2019
30Dr Dharmendra Prasad MahatoDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering25-7-2019
31Prof Ashwani KumarDepartment of Electrical Engineering25-7-2019
32Dr Vivek TiwariDepartment of Management25-7-2019
33Dr Ajoy DebbarmaDepartment of Mechanical Engineering25-7-2019
34Dr Mohd AdilDepartment of Management25-7-2019
35Dr Tara Chand KumawatDepartment of Chemical Engineering25-7-2019
36Dr Mamta AwasthiCentre for Energy and Environmental Engineering25-7-2019
37Prof Ram NareshDepartment of Electrical Engineering25-7-2019
38Dr Tapas PalaiDepartment of Chemical Engineering25-7-2019
39Dr Santosh BopcheDepartment of Mechanical Engineering25-7-2019
40Dr Ravinder NathDepartment of Electrical Engineering26-7-2019
41Dr Rohit Dhiman Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering26-7-2019
42Dr Manoj Kumar SinhaDepartment of Mechanical Engineering28-7-2019
43Dr Divakar YadavDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering29-7-2019
44Dr Anil Kumar YadavDepartment of Electrical Engineering29-7-2019
45Dr Manisha SharmaDepartment of Electrical Engineering29-7-2019
46Dr Abhishek SinghDepartment of Mathematics29-7-2019
47Dr Om Prakesh Rahi Department of Electrical Engineering29-7-2019
48Mr Rajesh KumarDepartment of Electrical Engineering29-7-2019
49Dr Himesh HandaDepartment of Electrical Engineering29-7-2019
50Dr Vijay KumarDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering29-7-2019
51Dr Amit KaulDepartment of Electrical Engineering29-7-2019
52Prof Yog Raj SoodDepartment of Electrical Engineering29-7-2019
53Dr Amit BageDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering29-7-2019
54Dr Debasish DasDepartment of Mechanical Engineering29-7-2019
55Dr Veena SharmaDepartment of Electrical Engineering30-7-2019
56Dr Akhilesh Kumar ChoudharyDepartment of Mechanical Engineering30-7-2019
57Dr Nagendra Pratap SinghDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering30-7-2019
58Dr Basant SubbaDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering30-7-2019
59Dr Bharat Bhushan SharmaDepartment of Electrical Engineering30-7-2019
60Dr Ashok KumarDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering31-7-2019
61Prof Rajeevan ChandelDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering31-7-2019
62Dr Alok GargDepartment of Chemical Engineering31-7-2019
63Dr Aman KumarDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering1-8-2019
64Dr Kamlesh DuttaDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering8-8-2019
65Dr Naveen ChauhanDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering30-8-2019
66Prof Ravi Kumar SharmaDepartment of Civil Engineering30-8-2019
67Prof Rakesh Kumar DuttaDepartment of Civil Engineering30-8-2019
68Dr Sunil SharmaDepartment of Civil Engineering30-8-2019
69Dr Subhadip BiswasDepartment of Civil Engineering30-8-2019
70Dr Krishan KumarDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering30-8-2019
71Dr Joseph TripuraDepartment of Civil Engineering30-8-2019
72Dr Amer SinghaDepartment of Chemistry30-8-2019
73Dr Nallasivam KDepartment of Civil Engineering30-8-2019
74Dr Pardeep KumarDepartment of Civil Engineering2-9-2019
75Dr Joy PalDepartment of Civil Engineering2-9-2019
76Dr Amrit Kumar RoyDepartment of Civil Engineering2-9-2019
77Dr Manoj SharmaDepartment of Humanities and Social Sciences5-9-2019

In case of any Query or Problem feel free to contact:

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Central Library,
NIT, Hamirpur,
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Email: library@nith.ac.in

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