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TURNITIN SIMILARITY - Plagiarism Detection Software


The faculty members and PhD Scholars who would like to use the TURNITIN SIMILARITY to check the plagiarism are requested to fill the following form, so that their account may be registered with the TURNITIN SIMILARITY. Make sure to activate your account within 7 days of receiving the email from TURNITIN SIMILARITY.

Keeping in view of COVID-19, the revised guidelines to submit student thesis/dissertation are provided below:
  1. Student has to send the thesis to his supervisor from his nith email account along with following declaration:
    I, ..................................... Roll No. ...................................... certify that I have not used any unethical method such as using images of the Text, Inserting junk text with small fonts and white font colour, etc. in the Thesis/dissertation submitted by me for the Similarity Index Certificate. I am aware that if any such thing is found in my Thesis/Dissertation, my degree may be cancelled at any stage, i.e., even after completing my course.
    In order to obtain the NITH email ID, one may send his request to Faculty Incharge (Computer Center) at fi.cc@nith.ac.in along with the photo of his ID Card.

  2. The supervisor, will check the Thesis/ Dissertation report using the "Flag" feature provided by the TURNITIN SIMILARITY, and if satisfied shall forward the email of the student to Incharge (Central Library), at plag@nith.ac.in along with the following declaration:
    I/We,................................................. Certify that I/we have gone through the Thesis/Dissertation using the "Flag" feature provided by the TURNITIN SIMILARITY and satisfied with the Thesis/Dissertation sent by the student for Similarity Index Certificate.

Please note that :

  • The URL of this New Turnitin Similarity is https://nith.turnitin.com/.
  • Users have to fill the Google Form https://forms.gle/QBCWbNcA7t2s5QQu5 in order to obtain the link for Turnitin.
  • The user (Faculty Members and PhD Scholars) who filled above Google Form will receive a link from Turnitin.
  • Make sure to activate your account within 7 days of receiving the email from TURNITIN SIMILARITY.
  • User’s NITH email id will act as its username for Turnitin.
  • Users may set their own password.
  • Users are requested not to upload any document on turnitin similarity before going through following points.

Points to remember while using for Turnitin Similarity :

  • Kindly go through the attached video : View/Download Video.
  • Create a folder to submit your documents for similarity.
  • Make sure that the option given just above the add button is OFF.
  • Click the setting icon available at the left pane of the window.
  • Make sure to tick all three options to be excluded from the Similarity Report i.e. Bibliography, Quotes and Small Matches (8 words).
  • To remove any paper from repository, write an email to plag@nith.ac.in along with its submission id (e.g. oid:27992:4544605)

Office Orders / Formats

  1. टर्नइटइन प्रयोग करने से संबंधित निर्देश / Guidelines for using Turnitin (plag_3.pdf)

  2. पर्यवेक्षक प्रमाण पत्र का प्रारूप / Format of Supervisor's Certificate for exclusion of Self-Published Work (plag_5.pdf)

  3. दिनांक 07-11-2019 को जारी कार्यालय आदेश / Office Order dated 07-11-2019 (plag_7.pdf)

  4. दिनांक 04-05-2018 को जारी कार्यालय आदेश / Office Order dated 04-05-2018 (plag_6.pdf)

  5. दिनांक 02-08-2017 को जारी कार्यालय आदेश / Office Order dated 02-08-2017 (plag_1.pdf)

  6. दिनांक 03-07-2017 को जारी कार्यालय आदेश / Office Order dated 03-07-2017 (plag_2.pdf)

In case of any Query or Problem feel free to contact:

Nitin Paliwal
Central Library,
NIT, Hamirpur,
H.P. - 177005

Email: library@nith.ac.in

Phone: 01972-254170<-->

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